After School Yoga Program

If you practice yoga, you know how good it makes you feel: calmer, happier, looser…  Well, why not offer that same opportunity to your students?  After all, studies support the benefits of yoga for students in pre-K through high school.  Such benefits include improved self-regulation skills, attention, executive functioning, emotion regulation, compassion for self and others, and decreased stress.  (research/references here)

Through the after school yoga program, your students will practice a variety of breathing techniques and poses.  The best part is they learn how to use these practices when they are off the mat.

On Your School Campus

With a minimum of 10 participants (students/teachers) you can bring yoga to your school!  Download this flyer for more information.

At the TexasYogini Studio

Enrolling in an after school yoga class at the studio means that there will never be more than 10-15 students in a class.  Each class will integrate breath with an active practice as well as teach students to use their breath to improve self-regulation skills.  Each series is 15 weekly classes per semester.  Check out the rates  and register here.