Wellness Treatments

Ayurvedic Massage with Warren

Gift yourself lovingly with a deep feeling of stability and warmth with an abhyanga, sanskrit meaning “to apply oil to the skin”. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic warm oil massage that nourishes the body to relax, detox and heal. Allow yourself to receive the greatest expression of self-love through this ancient East-Indian daily regimen. 

Book directly with Warren: warren_andrade@icloud.com

70 mins $110; 110 minutes with hot stones $150

Yogassage with Sandra

Yogassage uses gentle, sustained stretches, applied pressure and facilitated positioning to achieve myofascial stretching and release without strain. It incorporates the loving touch of a hands on massage with breath and energy work and is done fully clothed on a massage table.  Conditions benefited include:  chronic pain, constipation, digestive problems, migraines, poor flexibility, relaxation, stress reduction, stimulation of blood and lymph flow, low back pain, and nervous disorders.

Book directly with Sandra: sandra@texasyogini.com

70 mins $110; 100 mins $150

Acupuncture with Susan Underwood

Book directly with Susan: sunderwoodacupuncture@gmail.com