Our Mission

Intrepid collaborates with organizations to design and facilitate customized programs that foster physical, emotional and mental resilience. Employing evidence-based practices, we generate robust outcomes and empower participants with the self-care skills to cultivate their own well being.


Our Partners

We target schools, the medical community, non-profit organizations.  Our current partners include:

What We Do

Empower participants to listen for the freedoms and limitations of their bodies and minds.  Supportive instructors and a safe practice environment create a platform for nurturing physical and mental health.

Strengthen communities.  Participating in a group practice creates a shared experience – one that can be the springboard for budding friendships and support systems or to reinforce seasoned relationships.

Inspire others to take the reins.  Whether employing these practices on their own or choosing to co-facilitate other groups, participants acquire the resources, support, and confidence to make these practices their own.

Coach participants to recognize their physical and mental reactions to stimuli.  Using practices drawn from yoga and meditation, they develop skills for using breath and quiet movement to self-regulate their emotions and decrease impulsive reactions.

Equip administrators with tools and strategies aimed at improving self-regulation and focus, mindful communication, a healthy work environment, and compassion for self and others.  Teams that incorporate these practices are healthier, more resilient, and ultimately more successful.

Deliver robust results through the collection and disaggregation of qualitative and/or quantitative data.


Who We Are

With a combined 50+ years of teaching, program development, and personal practice under their belts Sandra & Hope are passionate about empowering others to realize the interwoven benefits of breath, movement, and mindfulness during daily activities.

In 2017 Sandra & Hope put their heads together and created Intrepid as a way to make self-care simple. They skillfully address and deconstruct the common misconceptions about yoga then provide participants with simple language and activities that make the benefits accessible to everyone. And they mean everyone!