I didn’t know anything about yoga until Hope offered it to my students.  This is when I discovered and believed what De la Vega once said, “Be mindful even when your mind is full.”  The academic performance standards and the high stakes tests have increased the stress on both students and teachers.  Stress is a major obstacle to academic achievement.  However, practicing yoga for about 6 months now, my students have exhibited improvement in several areas – especially mood and concentration.  I have particularly noticed an increase as the students have learned to take long, deep, slow breaths.  In other words, yoga helps to boost students’ performance and success at school AND their daily lives. Nisrine D., Houston, Youth and Yoga Workshop

This retreat has rejuvenated my soul. Hope and all who were involved made conscious efforts to make sure everyone who attended benefited from the retreat. Hope is a phenomenal teacher, who put a lot of lot and time into making the retreat meaningful. It was an experience I will have for a lifetime. Kimberly D., Houston, Starry Sky Mountain Yoga Retreat

This was my first yoga retreat and by far the best thing I have done during the past 5 years! Sabine K., Houston, Starry Sky Mountain Yoga Retreat

Hope and Larry organized the perfect retreat. The yoga practices were varied and incredibly nourishing. The itinerary was perfectly planned and executed. They put so much love into every detail. I look forward to more journeys with them!

Jamie E., Houston, Starry Sky Mountain Yoga Retreat


The retreat was well organized, and accessible for all levels of yoga. My husband and I were complete beginners and felt fully welcome.
Anne S., Houston, Starry Sky Mountain Yoga Retreat