All Aboard!

This is the time – as the year comes to a close – when I find myself reflecting. Pema Chodron wrote (and I paraphrase), that the journey through life is akin to ‘riding in a train sitting backwards; we can see where we have been but not where we are going’.  It seems tempting to get caught up in the past – to romanticize people and events, or to pat one’s self on the back for dodging a bullet or for a job well done.  So, this year, I’m choosing to contemplate on the last twelve months through this lens: What big lesson do I want to carry forward regardless of where the train is headed?

Ticking through the months of the calendar, it becomes incredibly clear to me that the lesson of 2017 is not a new one. Rather, it’s one deserving of repetition.  None of my new endeavors, from forming a company to leading my first retreat to opening (and renovating) a yoga studio, could have been pulled off successfully without the support of my community.  Actually, the word ‘community’ doesn’t quite evoke the right mental image.  I’m talking about the folks who speak the hard truth to me when I don’t really want to hear it, who ask if they can help (and mean it), who drive past several other yoga studios and fight gnarly traffic to practice at TexasYogini, who are completely understanding when I’m preoccupied/distracted/overwhelmed… they are more like my family.  Words cannot express how much love and appreciation I have for them.

You may be reading this and wondering what it’s doing on a yoga studio blog.  I mean, yoga and meditation are meant to support our efforts to remain in the present, not the past or future. And… THAT’S IT!!!  My big take away from this year is to always remember right now, and now, and now, to show and tell the people in my life how important they are to me. This is exactly why I hug everyone when they walk in or out of the studio doors even if they are practicing with us for the first time.  It’s why I love showing up to the studio early and lingering after class to chat and get to know the folks who have shared breath, energy, love, and laughter in the studio.

The truth of the matter is, we only have the present.  I can choose to spend time in my head reflecting and reminiscing about the past year or I can be present with the members of the kula – my tribe.

As we move full steam ahead into 2018, I invite you to join me in savoring the intimacy, connection, and tradition we hold dear at TexasYogini.  We are on this train ride together – some folks for longer than others – and we never know when our paths will diverge.



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