Practice Where You Teach

Most of us have heard the phrase ‘practice what you preach’, but in the midst of getting a studio off the ground – and hopefully building a strong kula – I keep reminding myself that I should practice where I teach.  And then I mull that over trying to discern exactly what that means.  After all, TexasYogini is a small studio, there aren’t a million classes per week therefore there aren’t tons of teachers on the schedule.

Then it hit me.  I have this amazing opportunity to create my yoga “Dream Team“.  Over my almost six years back in Houston, I have met, practiced with, and cultivated relationships with some of my favorite yoga teachers in the city.  Each one has opened my eyes to a new facet of the practice whether it’s being inspired by Jessica’s creative flows, grounded by Elizabeth’s mesmerizingly meditative classes, becoming re-acquainted with the subtleties and mechanics of my own body through Larry’s practice, recognizing my mental and physical strength as I move through one of Susan’s deceptively simple sequences, or tapping into the lila (play) aspect of the practice with Stacy.

But… What if they didn’t want to teach at TexasYogini? I just had to ask them and one by one they said yes.  The doubt in my head melted away and instead my heart filled with excitement and gratitude.

So, I will definitely be practicing where I teach.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in going out and learning from a variety of teachers.  As a life long educator, I understand the importance of acquiring new knowledge and expanding horizons plus, there are a few more teachers I am hoping to add to the schedule.  In no way am I insular but admittedly, it’s nice to walk in to my hOMe studio and practice with my yoga family.


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