An Early Departure

As I am sitting at the Phnom Penh airport waiting to board my flight home (2 weeks earlier than expected) I’m reflecting on the why. I meticulously planned this trip – had everything laid out and was to end my journey volunteering in Thailand. 

As such a Type-A, why did I deviate from the plan and end up with a horrible stomach bug and in a Phnom Penh hospital?  Why am I going home early instead of sticking it out and forcing myself to push through like I normally would?  

I think it’s for two reasons. The first is what I wrote about in the first post of this trip. This has been a journey of the heart. A journey of rediscovering the depth of love I have for my sister and niece and that which is growing between me and the BF. The second is my awesome travel companion (she told me to use the word awesome though I would have picked fantabulous). Instead of viewing my desire to cut my trip short and head home with her as a failure, she helped me see that listening to my heart was what I needed to do. 

I think the only one who would have seen this turn of events as a failure is me – and that says a lot. I have so much to be grateful for. And as I lay in the ambulance and then hospital bed and cried, I knew it was because at that moment I wanted – and needed – to be around those who love me the most NO MATTER WHAT!  

Truth be told, I miss my home, my family, my tribe (you know who you are), my friends, and my yoga community. So I’m heading home ahead of schedule, with a tender belly and even more tender heart. 

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