Deep In My Heart

When I traveled to India two summers ago, I thought it would be the impetus for my own spiritual evolution and I was right. I returned home a different person and prepared to face incredible challenges in a compassionate manner.  The events of the last two years have cultivated a sense of gratitude for each and every day and all the people I have been fortunate enough with whom to cross paths. I often fall back on cliches: each day is a gift and in every experience is the opportunity to learn.

Fast forward… As of today, I’ve been in Southeast Asia for over a week and it has become incredibly clear that this journey is about my heart.  It began with the spreading of my BFF’s ashes in Hong Kong.   An emotional implosion was averted because my sister and niece were by my side and my amazing friends and my sweet BF were sending me peace, love, and complete understanding.  From there we’ve enjoyed Hong Kong, Chiang  Mai, Ao Nang, and Phi Phi.  Not every moment has to be filled with jokes or conversation. Yes, we have gotten on one another’s nerves. Ultimately, it’s about the time we are spending together and our shared experiences. When I slow down and reflect on the short time we’ve been on this trip, my heart is again filled with gratitude and so much love.

I’ve not practiced yoga – at least not asana – since arriving.  I do, however, awake each night at about 1am and listen.  From our bungalow I can hear waves crashing and I close my eyes – imagining it’s the sound of the earth breathing – and I try to synchronize my own breath with it.  I am reminded that I am only one small part of this world.

So, after my sister and niece leave I have a few weeks to explore Asia in my own and part of that time will be spent volunteering at an eco-lodge/sustainable garden/yoga shala.  I don’t really know what that means but I will embrace the time on my own with my hands in the soil and the sun on my face.  I also hope to continue filling my heart.  And this makes me wonder how I can cultivate a life of love and gratitude at home.  Right now I have no idea but I have the feeling – deep in my heart – that I’m ready to find out.


One thought on “Deep In My Heart

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I can only imagine how happy your bestie is for you right now ❤ I'm in constant awe and amazement of your strength and bravery to face things like these- to dive into unknown situations head first. When I was on the Cape, I would love to math my breath to the sounds of the ocean for that very same reason 🙂 Enjoy every second- good, bad, or indifferent. Love you!


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