Savor the Moment – How Am I Supposed to Do That?

This question comes up for me over and over again, especially when I attend a yoga class.  As a matter of fact, at the top of my yoga mat I have written this reminder: in this moment – in this asana – you are perfect.  Now, as an admitted type-a personality, I thrive on competition, not with others but with myself.  I am always looking into my past and wondering if what I’m doing now is better than it was before and this thought pattern doesn’t only apply when I’m in a yoga class.  Instead it creeps up at work, at home, and even travels with me on vacation.

So, what’s this girl to do?

Again, as a type-a, I want a solution and have come to the conclusion (finally, duh) that there is no solution (grrrr) but it’s part of my off-the-mat yoga practice.   Earlier this summer I attended a yoga festival and in one of the sessions, the facilitator stated that life isn’t separated into independent moments or memories but the brain does that.  As a matter of fact, life is one continuum with no lines of demarcation.  Each moment, like the breath, leads to the next.  I don’t think this means I should never look back – otherwise how could I learn from my epic mistakes??  I think it does mean that whatever I’m doing at this second won’t be perfect but it is an opportunity to learn and move forward because another moment is coming up right….. now… and now… and now.

This is what I’m trying to keep in mind as I move through my day.  And yep, being type-A, at times I judge myself for being better at living in the present moment yesterday.  That doesn’t make me a good or bad person, I recognize the pattern and what matters is that I’m working on it.

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